The Best Golf Club For 2017

Are you new to the world of golf? Perhaps, you’ve been playing the sport for quite some time, but you want to further improve your performance. So, how exactly can you hone your golfing skills? Certainly, it’s a combination of your own hard work and the equipment you use.

Without the right golf club, your strength and precision could cost you the whole game. Here, we’ll not only discuss the basics of golf clubs but also give you solid recommendations. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of golf clubs and how they can significantly vary from one another.

The Golf Club

For now, let’s discuss what exactly a golf club is. Regardless of the type you acquire, a golf club will still have similarities. For one, it is composed of three parts: the grip, the shaft, and the head. The part that you hold with your hands is the grip while the part that hits the golf ball is the head. Consequently, the shaft is what’s responsible for connecting these two parts. Below, we’ll talk more about each part.

three parts

The Grip

As previously mentioned, this is the part you hold with your hands. It can be made of either rubber or leather. A grip can also vary in size to help you choose the right one that would suit your hand size and grip style.

However, a manufacturer cannot just design the grip without taking note of the regulations set by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews. Thus, the grip of a golf club needs to be round. It can have various holes or ridges, but they need to be minimal in size to meet the regulations. These grooves or holes are included to improve your overall grip on the golf club.


The Shaft

As the part that connects the parts together, the shaft needs to be round from a cross-section point of view. The materials used to create a golf club shaft range from steel to resin composite and carbon fiber. It’s entirely up to you which shaft you would prefer, but remember that a shaft made of carbon fiber is easier to handle than a steel-made shaft due to its lightness. Still, a carbon fiber shaft can be costly.

Another important factor in choosing the shaft is the stiffness. There are six degrees of it: Ladies (L), Seniors (A), Regular (R), Firm (F), Extra Firm (X), and Stiff (F). The least stiff is the Ladies (L) shaft and the succeeding degrees offer more stiffness than the previous one.

The Head

Compared to the shift and the grip of the golf club, there is a great deal of variety when it comes to the head. After all, this is the part that hits the golf ball upon building up your momentum in swinging the club.

The head has four parts, namely: the hosel, the face, the sole, and the back. The hosel is the part of the head that connects it to the golf club shaft. The face, as the name implies, is the specific portion of the head that hits the ball. The sole is the part of the head that is nearest to the ground. Lastly, the back is simply the opposite area of the face section.


Here, we have five amazing products we recommend you to use for your next golfing session:

  • Cobra Bio Cell Golf Driver
  • TaylorMade RSi 1 Iron Set
  • Adams Tight Lies 2013 Fairway Woods
  • Pinemeadow Wedge
  • Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Golf Club Buying Guide

Now, we’ll be discussing the many types of golf clubs. Here, we’ll talk about drivers, irons, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, and putters.


The driver is the golf club that should be used if you are playing either for par-5 holes or lengthy par-4 holes. The head of a driver golf club is made of metal and quite sizable. In fact, these characteristics will help you whenever you want the golf ball to travel far.

This is the longest golf club among them, and you should not be surprised if they are pretty pricey. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the drier by offering moveable weight systems along with new materials and designs.


Iron Sets & Hybrids

Irons are meant to provide you with a variety of shots. They have relatively short shafts and can enable precise swings. There are iron golf clubs that can hit a ball far, but there are also irons that can be used to hit the ball for just a short distance through a high trajectory. Some irons can send a golf ball flying more than 200 yards in the distance, but it can also make the ball travel less than 40 yards.

Over the last two decades, manufacturers have managed to create irons with the same weight. The difference is that the weight is now at the perimeter of the iron golf club. With this change in design, the head part of the iron is less likely to succumb to off-center twisting. The sizable heads of iron golf clubs made of the metal alloy also help maintain a good swing. In other words, your golf swing won’t be terrible even if you miss your hit by a couple of millimeters.

On the other hand, hybrid golf clubs are a combination of a wood and an iron. The hybrids can give you high and long-distance golf swings. The head of a hybrid is similar to that of a wood club and has a convex-shaped face. Hybrids grant quick swings and favorable impacts.


Fairway Woods

As the name suggests, a fairway wood golf club is what you should use if you’re going to swing from the fairway. If you haven’t heard of a fairway, it is simply that area characterized by its significantly short grass. The fairway is located just between the tee box and the putting green. This is the sweet spot for golfers as it connects the teeing ground to the hole on the green.

Similar to driver golf clubs, the fairways woods have heads made of metal. The difference is that the head of a fairway wood is smaller than that of a driver. Also, the shaft is relatively shorter. These features allow the fairway woods to have more accuracy despite the reduction in the ball distance.



Wedges are actually a part of the iron golf clubs. However, they are distinguished by their increased loft. Specifically, the loft ranges from 47 to 48 degrees while the 9-irons have a loft of 44 to 45 degrees. The heads of wedge golf clubs have a high mass. They work well for short-distance and high-altitude shots. Approach shots that require sufficient accuracy can be done well with wedges.


Finally, the putter is responsible for leading your golf ball toward the hole. This is when you will be going for a gentle swing. It is a golf club that can improve one’s hold while rolling the ball down to the hole. While the goal of a putter golf club is simple, it’s also one of the most crucial. Thus, putters come in a variety of faces designed with different line patterns. Similarly, the heads can take the shape of blocks, blades, and appear thick or thin.

Golf Clubs for 2017 Reviewed


Cobra Bio Cell Golf Driver

Cobra Men's Bio Cell Golf Driver

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This driver comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and silver. It has a Project X shaft that’s 47.5 inches long but weighs just 62 grams. There’s a version that would suit left-handed golfers, and you can choose between a regular or stiff flex.

As for the loft settings, the Cobra Bio Cell Golf Driver has the MyFly8 Technology. This gives you eight loft settings to choose from depending on the distance and trajectory you want. These ensure that you have the best loft regardless of the weather and ground conditions.

Furthermore, the SmartPad Technology of this driver maintains the square face no matter the loft setting you will choose with the MyFly 8 Technology. Speaking of the face, the Forged E9 BiO Cell Face has a sizable sweet zone to keep your hit long and straight even if it’s off-center. Likewise, the Neutral Bias Weighting supports the golfer in conducting long-distance straight drives.

  • Impressive flexibility due to eight adjustable loft settings
  • Face is relatively tall and wide
  • Golf ball travels far even with off-center hits
  • Color choices look great
  • Stable and light Project X shaft
  • Project X shaft takes some time learning
  • A few hits are short or low even with the right loft settings


TaylorMade RSi 1 Iron Set

Up next, we have a well-made iron set from TaylorMade. It offers both right-hand and left-hand orientations. You can choose between graphite and steel for the shaft material. As for the flex, it offers three: senior, regular, and stiff. TaylorMade identified than three in four shots are mishits. Thus, the goal of the TaylorMade RSi 1 Iron Set is to assist you in hitting the greens.

This iron set utilizes the FaceSlot Technology that safeguards the golf ball speed and distance even when the swings are off-center. Another feature this has is the ThruSlot Technology, particularly in the 3-7 irons. It is meant to protect the ball speed even when the hit is a miss.

Consequently, the Inverted Cone Technology gives a significantly thin face for better speed and distance. The iron set has sound management systems but the impact of each hit isn’t anything special.

  • Shots are straight and with nearly no curve at all
  • Mishits still reach the greens
  • Remarkably thin face to improve speed and distance
  • Three flex options
  • The black lines might not look appealing for some
  • Sound of the impact is average

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Adams Tight Lies 2013 Fairway Wood

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Adams Tight Lies 2013 Fairway Woods

The fairway wood from Adams has left-hand and right-hand orientations along with a graphite shaft. There are four flex options: ladies, senior, regular, and stiff. On the other hand, the loft is at 16 degrees, 19 degrees, and 22 degrees.

As the name implies, this is meant to conveniently get the golf ball out of tight lies. To do this, the Adams Tight Lies 2013 Fairway Woods have a low-profile and upside down design. This allows for a bigger impact area at the lower section of the ball. In addition, the tri-level design of this golf club’s sole can decrease contact with the turf, making it a smart choice when playing from fairways and tight lies.

  • Four flex options to choose from
  • Sole design easily gets the golf ball out of deep lies
  • Head of the golf club feels compact
  • Superior stability upon handling
  • Good impact sound
  • Need a lot of practice getting used to the relative heaviness
  • Flight of golf ball could have been higher
  • A bit difficult to use for non-straight shots


Pinemeadow Wedge

This wedge from Pinemeadow has a 125-gram shaft. It’s made of high-quality steel and it is designed with a low to mid kick point. This makes it a viable choice regardless if you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer. It comes in five lofts for adjusting the ball distance and trajectory: 52, 56, 60, 64, and 68 degrees.

The first four loft settings are useful, but the 68 loft isn’t really necessary. The Pinemeadow Wedge has a huge face area for removing the ball from rough lies. Additionally, this wedge feels sturdy with a nice feel when holding it. Once you hit the golf ball, there is a satisfying sharp sound.

  • Five loft settings to choose from
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Good for beginners and experienced players alike
  • Sharp sound of impact
  • Quite heavy due to the steel material
  • Application of 68 loft will be rare
Pinemeadow Wedge

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Pinemeadow PGX Putter

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Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Finally, there’s the PGX Putter from Pinemeadow. It only has one hand orientation, but it’s meant to be used well whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. For one, this putter has a white finish that helps the golfer align the club amidst the green grass for a precise swing. Then again, this white appearance means it’s more likely to have noticeable stains.

The length of the Pinemeadow PGX Putter is 34 inches and it weighs 380 grams, which is particularly helpful in tournaments. There is a tremendous deal of accuracy here, which is what new golfers need the most. The shaft is made of graphite to improve the overall performance. Pinemeadow even included a headcover to protect the putter head from being damaged when not in use.

  • High accuracy improves beginner performance
  • White finish makes it easy to align one’s swing
  • Free headcover
  • Decent flex
  • White color is prone to stains
  • Headcover is not durable enough for long-term use


Overall, we hope that you learned a lot from our buying guide. In order to maintain a strong performance, you must have the right golf clubs. You need to know what type of golf club to use, whether it’s a driver for long distances or a putter for sending the ball into the hole.

There are many golf clubs available in the market, but we suggest you try our recommendations. We assure you that they are above the competition in terms of quality and design. Don’t be afraid to try new play styles with these golf clubs, and always be willing to learn the use of each one.