Best Golf Drivers For Beginners & High Handicappers

Best Drivers for Beginners & High Handicappers

It’s common to think that buying the most expensive driver is a great way to become more skilled in golf. However, the sport does not become easy just because you’re using the most technologically advanced driver.

You need to find the best drivers for beginners because those are the clubs that would compensate for the errors you will commit as you try to learn more about playing golf. Thus, we need to find the best drivers for handicappers and beginners alike.

Why Get a Driver for Beginners and High Handicappers

The driver is what golfers use to achieve long ball distances. A successful drive at the correct distance will effectively reduce the total number of shots you’d need to put the ball into the hole. Manufacturers constantly develop new drivers with different designs and innovations.

Specifically, manufacturers always aim to improve ball speed, ball spin, and the launch trajectory. With all these driver models appearing all the time, beginners and high handicappers can have a hard time finding the right drivers for them.

The drivers used in the major tournaments won’t necessarily work well for amateur golfers because those are for professionals and single-digit handicappers. Beginners have yet to develop consistently precise and high swing speeds going beyond 100 mph.

Moreover, beginners and high handicappers that use the high-end drivers will likely have problems in maintaining their swing speed and launch trajectories. Amateur players need forgiving drivers. Otherwise, their off-center shots will generate a lot of side-spin that will ruin the ball trajectory.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Driver

Back then, drivers weren’t forgiving. If you weren’t highly skilled, you would have a hard time making long drives. Now, forgiving drivers are easy to find. Still, you need to know what to evaluate before buying your next driver.

Clubhead Size

Beginners and high handicappers should look for a driver with an enlarged clubhead, which is typically made of either titanium or composite material. The biggest clubhead measures 460cc, which guarantees a great deal of forgiveness. Specifically, these massive clubheads have large sweet spots to increase the chances of getting the right hits.


The loft is one of the most significant factors in how high or law the golf ball will fly after being hit by your driver. The loft degrees will determine how much backspin is made. An increase in backspin will lead to high-angle and long-distance shots.

Drivers can have loft degrees ranging from 4 degrees up to 20 degrees. Still, the most preferred lofts start from 8 degrees up to only 14 degrees. Beginners and high handicappers alike will have different loft preferences. This will depend on the average swing speed. If you have a slow swing speed that doesn’t exceed 85 mph, your loft should not go beyond 12 degrees.

However, if your swing speed ranges from 85 to 105 mph, you should pick a driver with a high loft. If your swing speed hovers around 90 mph, the best driver for you should have a loft ranging from 10 degrees to 12 degrees. Once your swing speed is more than 105 mph, you already have a high swing speed. Thus, your driver should have a low loft ranging from 8 degrees to 10 degrees.

Shaft and Flex

The longest shaft allowed for official tournaments measures 48 inches. However, the most practical choice is a shaft around 45 inches in length to balance the speed and control. Likewise, the material used to make the shaft will affect its flex. The most popular choice for amateur golfers is the graphite shaft for its lightweight yet sturdy and flexible characteristics.

Beginners and high handicappers can pick from several flex levels: extra stiff (XS), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A), and ladies (L). If your swing speed is beyond 95 mph, you could try a stiff or even extra stiff shaft to have more precise and long-distance shots. For swing speeds ranging from 85 mph to 100, a regular or shift flex should give you more ball distance and speed. Just remember that flexible shafts are what you need if you have slow swing speeds.

Here’s a video regarding driving the ball:

Best Drivers for Beginners & High Handicappers

This driver from Cobra comes in a left-handed or right-handed orientation to give you a comfortable grip. The shaft enables sufficient flexibility for better swing speeds due to its graphite material. Also, the flex can be either stiff or regular. You can actually adjust the loft with ease through the MyFly8 feature.


Another feature the Cobra Fly Z Driver has is the Speed Channel Face. Your swing speed could be increased due to the engineered trench around the clubface perimeter. No matter the loft setting you choose, the SmartPad Technology ensures that you deliver the clubface square for optimal control.

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

via Amazon


  • Low and deep center of gravity (CG) due to the Crown Zone Weighting Technology
  • Speed Channel Face for fast swing speeds
  • Easy adjustments using the MyFly8 feature
  • Large sweet spot for better speeds even with mishits


  • Feedback is average
  • Spin could be lower
Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

via Amazon

Next, we have a driver from Callaway that comes with either the Diamana S+ Graphite Shaft or the Speeder 665 Graphite Shaft. These shafts could help you increase the swing speed as they bend before you hit the ball. In addition, this comes in either a regular, senior, or stiff flex to accommodate your swing speed.


This driver is also characterized by its low CG and hot face, which could maximize the ball distance. Likewise, the ball distance is improved due to the forged composite crown that reduces the spin. Consequently, the OptiFit Technology is similar to the MyFly8 feature of the Cobra Fly Z Driver. With it, you can adjust the loft and lie angle for a better control on the trajectory.


  • Flex of either shaft is impressive
  • Sound upon ball impact is solid
  • Wide club ace for added forgiveness
  • Decent ball launch


  • Adjustments can take time
  • Control of the curve is difficult

This driver has a massive 460cc clubhead made of durable titanium and a shaft created by Matrix. Thus, there is a great deal of forgiveness due to the enlarged face and sweet spot. Like the other entries on our list, the Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver allows you to adjust the loft and lie angles using the 12 settings under the Precision Adjustability feature.

Our most complete driver is the longest we’ve ever made and can be easily customized to fit every performance demand off the tee. Precision Adjustability helps create a high, penetrating flight for game-improvement to advanced players. The CG is also put into consideration with the advanced wall construction for a low CG that is desirable for high-launch shots.

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Custom Driver, Left Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 9.0-Degree, Black, 45.5-Inch

via Amazon


  • Low-spin and accurate shots
  • Mishits are reduced due to the enlarged clubface
  • Consistency in trajectory is not hard
  • Stylish design


  • Driver might be too short for some golfers
  • Alignment markets could have been better
Adams XTD Ti Driver

via Amazon

This driver offers three flexes: extra-stiff, stiff, and regular. To improve the ball speed whether you have on-center shots or mishits, the XTD Ti Driver has Cut-Thru slots and a progressive face thickness. This Cut-Thru slot technology also keeps the clubface to help you in creating boring tee shots.

Moreover, the clubface is made of tough titanium, which also creates a considerably crisp sound upon ball impact. Beginners and high handicappers who can’t deliver the clubface square consistently have the option to make the clubface closed for an added loft.


  • Crisp sound upon impact
  • Cut-Thru slot technology for better ball speeds
  • Titanium clubface
  • Grants consistently accurate hosts


  • Shaping the shot is hard
  • Lacks easy loft and lie angle adjustment feature

Finally, we have this TaylorMade driver that comes in four lofts: 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees. Similarly, you can choose among the stiff, senior, extra-stiff, and mature flex settings. To expand the sweet spot for a higher chance of on-center shots, the company utilized the Inverted Cone Technology and the Front Track System.


Also, a low and forward CG is ensured by the Thick Thin Casting. Thus, you could quickly have high-launch drives. If you need to adjust your trajectory, the loft sleeve should help you out. Likewise, the sliding split weights are included for further fine-tuning whenever you will perform draw shots and fade shots, among others.

TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Black Driver

via Amazon


  • Sliding split weights for fine-tuning
  • Inverted Cone Technology and Front Track System for an expanded sweet spot
  • Thick Thin Casting for high-launch drives
  • Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution Shaft for a better flex


  • Curving the ball is difficult
  • No sleeve included for the shaft


Our favorite driver for beginners and high handicappers is none other than the Cobra Fly Z Driver. While the sound of impact and the spin could be improved, its strengths far outweigh its shortcomings. For one, the graphite shaft does not disappoint in improving your swing speed. Second, finding the right loft settings isn’t hard with the help of the MyFly8 feature. The clubface is precisely engineered to be forgiving for players who need assistance. The sweet spot is considerably large to get you more on-center hits while improving off-center shots. This also made possible by the SmartPad Technology, which enhances your control. We hope that our guide helped you learn the value of choosing the right driver. It’s not always about picking the most expensive driver. Rather, it’s about finding one that fits your current golf skills and play style. If you have any questions, do give us a comment.
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I manage this site because I am passionate about golf. I know that learning the sport seems difficult, so I’m here to help anyone that might be interested.

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