Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

Best Golf Drivers For Seniors

Golf is a sport that can be played by anyone. Whether you are young or old, you should experience the fun and skill involved in swinging a golf club and sending the ball flying far off into the distance. Thus, manufacturers continue to provide drivers that cater to golfers of various ages. Here, we look at the best drivers for seniors.

As people age, their flexibility and overall physical strength begin to diminish. Even if you’ve had proper diet and exercise, the effects of aging cannot totally be prevented. The loss of muscle affects your strength, which then reduces your swing speed and the ball distance. You now have to take more shots to send the golf ball into the hole.

Interestingly enough, it makes sense to find a great driver if you are becoming a senior. Once you are around 50 years old, you can qualify for the senior golf tour. Thus, you would want to use a driver that’s specifically designed to aid you in improving your ball distance.

Apart from the reduction in swing speed, senior golf players must also be aware of how easier it becomes for them to become tired. Carrying heavy golf club isn’t a good idea anymore since they aren’t as physically fit as before. In addition, it becomes more difficult for senior golfers to launch the ball high up into the air.

By using a driver for seniors, their swing speed can be improved with the use of flexible shafts and other design considerations. Likewise, such a driver would be relatively lighter than the average golf club. In addition, drivers with higher lofts will help senior players in having high-launch drives. Lastly, even off-center shots wouldn’t be so bad with an enlarged sweet spot.

Here is a video that should help senior golfers in improving their play:

Factors to Consider in Buying a Driver for Seniors

Before going to the store to get a driver for senior, you must first know what exactly to watch out for. There are several characteristics you must be aware of so that you will find the right driver.

Driver Length

First, you should get a driver that matches your height. You wouldn’t want a driver that’s either too long or too short for you to comfortably use. The typical drivers made today for the average golfers are long, but a safe choice would be a driver that’s between 45 inches and 46 inches long. This should help improve your swing speed while maintaining control. Just take note that the longer the driver means the more control you should exercise in making straight drives.

Clubhead Design

You must look into the angle of the clubhead because this will affect not only the ball distance but also the trajectory of your drives. To account for the reduction in swing speed of seniors, you should get a driver with a high loft degree. As for the material, titanium is often used because it is tough yet lightweight.

Consequently, the size of the head matters. The biggest clubhead that you can use officially measures 460cc. This clubhead size provides a lot of forgiveness, even when compared to a 440cc clubhead that is better for golfers who like to shape the ball trajectory. If that isn’t your primary objective and you want to have consistent straight shots, you should pick a 460cc driver clubhead.

Shaft Flex

As mentioned before, you should pay attention to the flex of the shaft. More flexibility means that it would bend easier as you swing the driver. When it bends, it creates more swing speed and power to improve both the speed and accuracy of your drive.

If your swing speed is somehow still above 100 mph, your driver shaft should have a stiff or extra stiff flex. Likewise, you have the option to use a regular flex. Still, it’s advisable to get a shaft with a senior flex since this is specifically designed for senior golfers.

Shaft Material

We recommend you get a shaft made of graphite. Not only is this light for you to handle conveniently, but it also grants sufficient flexibility no matter your play style. A light shaft will enable you to swing the driver fast enough to increase the ball distance.

Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

First, we have this driver from TaylorMade that comes in three flexes: stiff, regular, and senior. You can get either the left-handed or right-handed variant, and there are four lofts for you to choose. Also, it has a Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution graphite shaft to help improve your swing speed.

The clubhead measures 460cc, which provides a bigger clubface and sweet spot to achieve more on-center shots. Likewise, the low-forward center of gravity (CG) encourages low spin. In turn, you could have high-launch and long-distance drives even if your swing isn’t that fast or powerful. A four-inch loft sleeves could improve your trajectory even further.

TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Driver

via Amazon


  • Front Track System enables a low spin and a larger sweet spot
  • Senior flex works well
  • Loft sleeve for more precise shots
  • Large clubhead


  • Making curve shots is difficult
  • Feedback could be better
Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

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Up next, this driver does not have a senior flex, but its regular flex can be used by senior golfers. Similar to the first driver we reviewed, the Cobra Fly Z has a graphite shaft and is offered in both left-handed and right-handed variations. To improve your launch conditions, you can utilize the MyFly8 feature that provides eight loft settings.

In addition, the SmartPad Technology of this driver could help senior golfers in delivering a clubface square even if the loft hasn’t been adjusted properly. To keep the overall weight light enough, Cobra used the Crown Zone Weighting Technology. This takes the weight away from the crown to create a low and back CG, which helps increase ball launch.


  • MyFly8 feature allows senior golfers to find the right loft settings
  • Relatively lightweight driver
  • Low and back CG for better ball launch
  • Mishits are easy to avoid due to the large sweet spot


  • Feedback should be more distinctive
  • Does not enable a low spin

Like the Cobra Fly Z Driver, this Adams driver does not have a senior flex. Still, it has a graphite shaft and what the manufacturer refers to as the Easy Launch System. This system is made to help senior golfers in having high-launch shots using three aspects: the Velocity Slot Technology, the low and back CG, and the SlimTech Shaft.

Simply put, the Velocity Slot Technology might provide a better flex and swing speed. As for the low and back CG and the SlimTech Shaft, these should improve the ball launch while improving the speed too. On the other hand, the metallic blue design of this driver is quite appealing.

Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH

via Amazon


  • Inclusion of grooves for more control
  • Easy Launch System for high-launch and fast shots
  • Metallic blue design
  • Mishits still perform well
  • Alignment marks for precise shots


  • No option for fine-tuning
  • Shots are hard to keep consistent
Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Golf Driver

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This driver should be good for seniors regardless of their swing speed since there are senior, stiff, and regular flex options available. The shaft is lightweight and constructed out of premium graphite to increase the swing speed. Moreover, the lofts range from 9 to 10.5 and 13.5 degrees.

In addition, the Big Bertha V Series Driver uses an aerodynamic design to effectively reduce drag. In turn, you might maximize your swing speed. Another factor in improving ball speed is the forged composite crown which contributes to the lightness of the driver. To get the right trajectories, you can use the OptiFit Technology that has eight loft settings and lie angles.


  • Enlarged clubface
  • OptiFit Technology for better control
  • Aerodynamic design to increase swing speed
  • Mishits still have good distance


  • Tuning does not always lead to better shots
  • Shaping the shot is not easy

Finally, we have a driver that has a massive 460cc clubhead. This ensures an enlarged clubface and a sizable sweet spot that could give you more on-center shots while improving the off-center hits. The clubhead is even made of titanium to keep it light yet durable.


While the Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver has eight loft settings, the Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver offers 12 settings. Furthermore, this driver has a low CG for high-launch drives. At the back of the sole, you can find a weight screw for adjusting the swing weight. In other words, this Cleveland driver is highly forgiving.

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Custom Driver, Left Hand, Graphite, X-Stiff, 9.0-Degree

via Amazon


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Enables low spin shots
  • 460cc clubhead made out of titanium
  • Twelve loft settings to get the right launch conditions
  • Mishits still have good distances and trajectories


  • Alignment feature could be improved
  • Some golfers want it to be longer


Overall, our favorite driver for senior golfers is none other than the Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver. From the 460cc titanium clubhead to low CG, this driver provides what we need to improve the swing, ball launch, and the ball distance.

Most drivers offer eight loft settings for you to experiment, but this one has 12 settings. With on-center hits, there is a satisfying feedback. Whether you have mishits or not, you are pretty much guaranteed of an improved ball speed, distance, and trajectory. Lastly, the sleek design is a welcome bonus.

In the end, we hope that you will be able to find the right driver for you. Getting older does not mean having to stop playing the sport. With the right golf clubs, you can still get the desired results in the golf course. If you have any queries, do give us a comment.

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I manage this site because I am passionate about golf. I know that learning the sport seems difficult, so I’m here to help anyone that might be interested.

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