Most Forgiving Game Improvement Drivers

Most Forgiving Game Improvement Drivers

If you are still honing your skills in golf, you need to use golf clubs that have a great degree of forgiveness. Specifically, you need to have the most forgiving drivers in order to achieve a great ball distance even when you underperform. Here, we have several recommendations that should help you improve your play.

Advantages of Having a Forgiving Driver

So, what exactly are the benefits of having a driver with sufficient forgiveness? Well, there are actually quite a lot of good things to expect.

Cost Efficient

While it is true that drivers aren’t exactly cheap acquisitions, getting the right models can help you save money in the long run. If you get yourself a decent forgiving driver, you will no longer have to spend an absurd amount of money to hire a long-term trainer. You won’t have to spend a lot of time practicing your swings on the driving range, nor would you be compelled to get an expensive machine that would simulate golf playing at home.

Better Ball Distance

If each shot generates a significant ball distance, you will need to perform fewer shots to get the ball into the hole. Even if you have a relatively slow swing speed, a forgiving driver will still give enough power upon hitting the ball. Likewise, a large clubhead will act like a spring to send the ball further than expected.

Better Control

Experienced and highly skilled golfers tend to use heavy drivers. This is due to how the added weight generates more power and control. If you are a beginner or an amateur, you are better off using a forgiving driver. This will give you control regardless of your play style and the club weight.

Larger Clubface

A great forgiving driver will typically utilize a large clubface. This is a major aspect of forgiveness. After all, amateur golfers likely have problems with hitting the sweet spot consistently. Thanks to the enlarged clubhead, the sweet spot becomes bigger and makes your mishits more tolerable.

Better Outlook as a Golfer

Golf isn’t an easy sport to master. You will fail a lot of times with simply hitting the ball and getting the right trajectories. This often discourages people from continuing the sport, but a forgiving driver will help you improve fast. You won’t have perfect shots, but the mishits you have will be less disappointing. The observable improvement in both ball speed and ball distance could make you confident enough to excel in golf.

Here’s a video discussing forgiveness in drivers:

Factors to Consider in Buying a Forgiving Driver

Before you go out there and but the most expensive forgiving driver, you should first look into these factors.

Low Center of Gravity

A forgiving driver often utilizes a low center of gravity (CG). This characteristic will allow you to have high-launch and long-distance shots with ease. Moreover, manufacturers understand that golfers would want to experiment with the CG. Due to this, they also offer forgiving drivers with a system for conveniently switching from a front CG to a back CG.

High Moment of Inertia

Similar to CG, the moment of inertia (MOI) is also a common point of interest when choosing a driver. This is a term referring to how much the driver twists whenever you hit the ball incorrectly. When the driver twists a lot when you commit a mishit, it has a low MOI.

If it doesn’t twist much, it is said to have a high MOI. This is made possible through the shifting of the weight toward the center of the face. With a high MOI, you get a larger sweet spot to reduce the risk of shanking the ball.

Cavity Back

The cavity back refers to the hollow part of the clubhead at its back. Due to its shape, the weight of the driver shifts to the perimeter around the clubhead. This perimeter weighting gives you a bigger sweet spot to reduce erroneous shots.


Last but definitely not the least, the size of the clubhead improves forgiveness a lot. When the clubhead is enlarged, the diameter of the clubface becomes bigger. This gives you more room to successfully hit the ball.

Most Forgiving Drivers

This driver has a Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution graphite shaft that gives you better ball speed even if your swing speed isn’t considered to be fast. To ensure the right feel for the club, you can choose between the left-handed and the right-handed variants. As for flex, you can pick from regular, senior, and stiff flexes. The loft comes at 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees.

Moreover, the TaylorMade R15 460 driver has a massive 460 head along with a low CG. This gives you a low spin that improves the driver distance. The Inverted Cone Technology gives you a bigger sweet spot while the Thick Thin Casting enables a low and forward CG. For quick angle adjustments, you can use the loft sleeve.

TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Driver

via Amazon


  • Front Track system reduces ball spin
  • Sliding split weights for performing different shots
  • Low and forward CG for easy long-distance shots
  • Four-inch loft sleeve for adjusting the launch angle


  • Curving the shots is a bit difficult
  • No sleeve included for the club shaft
Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

via Amazon

This forgiving driver from Callaway can come with either the Diamana S+ Graphite Shaft or the Fujikura Speeder 665 Graphite Shaft, both of which are lightweight offer appropriate stiffness. Moreover, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 comes in 9, 10.5, and 12-degree lofts. You can also choose from a regular, senior, or stiff flex.

The OptiFit technology allows you to conveniently get the right loft and lie angle with a few adjustments. Callaway noted that this uses the lowest CG along with a hot face for maximum forgiveness. This design is complemented by the forged composite crown that reduces the overall weight of the driver while reducing ball spin.


  • Mishits still have decent ball distances
  • Shots have low spin
  • Contemporary design
  • Low CG for an improved ball launch


  • Fine-tuning can take some time
  • No head covers included

This driver from Cobra has a modern black design. Like the other entries, it has a graphite shaft to accommodate golfers with average or slow swing speeds. There are left-handed and right-handed variants, and you can pick between a regular or a stiff flex. You can adjust the lofts using the MyFly8 feature while the forged E9 Zone Face Structure gives you more ball speed even with mishits.

In addition, the Cobra Fly Z has the Crown Zone Weighting Technology. This shifts the weight from the crown to the back of the clubhead, which results in a low and deep CG. The ball speed can be developed through the Speed Channel Face that effectively reduced the thickness of the area around the perimeter of the clubface.

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

via Amazon


  • Large sweet spot
  • High-trajectory shots aren’t difficult to execute
  • Sleek black design
  • MyFly8 for adjusting the loft settings


  • Ball spin should be reduced
  • Sound upon impact does not help in identifying hits and mishits
TaylorMade Golf SLDR C Series Driver LH

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This driver from TaylorMade comes in three loft degrees and three flex options. It is designed to give golfers sufficient ball control while delivering great ball distances. The low and forward CG might make it easier for you to have a low-spin, high-launch, and fast ball speed.

Additionally, the 460cc head means you will have a large face to hit the ball with. Speaking of the clubface, it has a speed pocket at the back to improve the ball speed. The standard length of this TaylorMade driver is 45.5 inches, which could give you a good balance of speed and control.


  • 460cc clubhead
  • High MOI to avoid shanking the ball
  • Sturdy construction
  • Delivers long-distance drives


  • High-launch drives are not easy to accomplish
  • Shaft might be too stiff for some

Finally, this driver has the Easy Launch System, which is a combination of three features that help golfers to achieve high-launch drives. The first aspect is the Velocity Slot Technology that grants an enlarged clubface. Likewise, the sole slot helps in providing a better flex and swing speed.

The second aspect is the low and back CG, which could also increase your swing speed. Third, the SlimTech shaft assists in launching the ball. The blue design of this forgiving driver is sleek. Moreover, the grooves on the clubface are designed to provide enough spin and speed to control the trajectory of the ball.

Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH

via Amazon


  • Low and back CG for better swing speeds
  • SlimTech shaft for high-launch drives
  • Large clubface
  • Modern blue design


  • Sound upon impact could be better
  • No feature for quick adjustments


Our favorite forgiving driver among the many golf clubs we reviewed is the Adams Golf Blue Driver RH. While the feedback is average and adjustment settings are not included, this driver excels in being a forgiving golf club.

The Easy Launch System not only grants better swings speeds but also high-launch drives. From the enlarged clubface and the grooves to the low and back CG, the Adams Golf Blue Driver RH is designed to be an incredibly forgiving driver. Plus, its metallic blue crown is aesthetically pleasing.

We hope that our guide helped you understand the value of having a forgiving driver. If you have any questions, do give us a comment.

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I manage this site because I am passionate about golf. I know that learning the sport seems difficult, so I’m here to help anyone that might be interested.

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