Ping G20 Driver Review

Ping G20 Driver Review

Do you want to achieve long-distance and accurate drives? With the right golf driver, you can achieve consistently impressive shots. While there are many drivers available in the market, we’ve set our sights on the Ping G20 Driver. Here, we’ll identify what makes it a popular choice and see how it fairs with the competition.

Quality & Appearance

Ease of Use



Overall Rating

Pros & Cons Of Ping G20 Driver

Ping G20 Driver 9.5* (TFC 169D, STIFF) 460cc Titanium Golf Club

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The Ping G20 Driver is a well-built and good-looking golf club that promotes long-distance straight shots. It provides a good deal of forgiveness with great feedback. While shaping shots is not easy with this driver, it can help you a lot in terms of ball distance, launch, and spin.


  • Large clubhead improves distance and direction of mishits
  • Great for high-launch and low-spin shots
  • Crisp and satisfying feedback for center and near-center shots
  • Helps in developing consistent shots


  • Not the easiest driver to use for curved shots
  • Dark grey clubhead looks sleek but it is a bit reflective

Key Features

There are a lot of drivers out there that promise a great deal of forgiveness with their design and patented features, but what exactly makes the Ping G20 Driver stand out?

External Weighting

The Ping G20 Driver is designed to assist the golfer in performing high-launch and low-spin shots regardless of their handicap level. This is possible through the placement of the external weight on the driver sole.

Aerodynamic Construction

One way to effectively improve swing speed and generate long-distance drives is to have the least amount of air resistance. Thus, the Ping G20 is cut in such a way that it reduces drag significantly.

Ti 8-1-1 Clubhead

The driver has a lightweight clubhead. It is constructed out of a low-density alloy known as Ti 8-1-1 that strategically shifts the weight to lower the center of gravity (CG) and increase the moment of inertia (MOI). A low CG is ideal for high-launch shots and soft ball landings while a high MOI helps improve ball distance on mishits.

Ping G20 Driver Review

Quality and Appearance (4/5)

As previously mentioned, the Ping G20 Driver sports a dark grey clubhead color that gives off a traditional appearance. However, it should be pointed out that this color is brighter than the black G15 driver that Ping released earlier. While this metallic grey is aesthetically pleasing in the golf course, it might prove to be slightly distracting for some players due to its slightly reflective characteristic during sunny conditions.

As for the shape of the clubhead, it also benefits from its classic and symmetrical design. There is no gimmicky angle or pattern to be found whatsoever. The clubface is quite deep, and the Ti 8-1-1 alloy for the clubhead makes it sturdy while remaining lightweight. As for the shaft, it measures 45.75 inches. It’s just a bit longer than the 45-inch target for the best balance of control and power, but at least it’s not as drastic as the maximum 48-inch shafts.

Ease of Use (3/5)

Not all players will find this driver to be extremely useful at all times. If your play style is primarily about long, high-launch, and straight drives, this will complement your strategy. However, utilizing this for curve shots is not going to be as easy.

It is ideal that you already know how to curve the ball to the right or to the left if you’re going to shape shots with this driver. In other words, you need to have decent experience in setting the clubface with the right amount of openness or closeness.

Feedback (5/5)

A testament to a well-designed driver is its feedback. Just by hearing the sound, you should be able to discern whether you landed a hit or committed a mishit. When you get an on-center drive, you get a satisfying and solid sound without being loud enough to pierce your hearing. On the other hand, having off-center shots delivers a slightly less desirable sound.

Consequently, the TFC 169D shaft of this Ping driver feels not only formidable but also stable. This is most likely due to its high balance point that offsets the relatively heavy clubhead. While it does require several plays, you will soon appreciate the mighty feel of the shaft.

Performance (5/5)

Finally, the Ping G20 Driver excels where it matters the most. The clubhead is indeed heavier than that of the average drivers, but this increase in weight enables stronger ball impacts. With more power and MOI produced in your swing, you deliver more force to the ball that sends it higher and farther than usual. Also, a bigger clubhead creates a larger clubface to reduce the number of mishits and improve performance if they do occur.

In addition, Ping combines this sizable and forgiving clubhead with its lightweight 45.75-inch shaft. You have a lengthy driver that is aerodynamically designed to reduced drag. This accelerates the swing speed. Next, the large clubhead utilizes this momentum to hit the ball with tremendous force. Compared to the Ping G15, this driver has significantly less spin and it is 1mph faster in terms of ball distance with on-center shots.

How Does It Compare

TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver

TaylorMade Men's M2 460cc Driver

via Amazon

Similar to the Ping G20 Driver, this model has the Inverted Cone Technology and the Redesigned Speed Pocket that offer a sizable clubface to create a bigger sweet spot. Also, the M2 has a multi-material crown that shifts up to seven grams of the mass to the lower portion of the clubhead. This weight placement creates a low and back CG that helps make high-launch shots.

However, ball direction is not easy to maintain with this driver. Aesthetically, the two-tone design won’t appeal to some players. Still, the M2 actually has the biggest MOI among all the other TaylorMade drivers to improve your ball distance even with mishits. Thus, the TaylorMade M2 is suitable for players who need dire help in improving the ball distance of off-center shots.

TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver

Similar to the Ping G20 Driver, this driver from TaylorMade has an aerodynamic design to improve the swing speed by lowering drag. Specifically, the crown is raised to improve the airflow and minimize its resistance. Other features the AeroBurner 2016 shares with the Ping G20 include a 45.75-inch shaft and the support for easier low-spin shots.


In terms of appearance, however, this TaylorMade driver has a matte white design along with a black clubface. The feedback leaves a lot to be desired. Identifying whether you had an on-center drive or a mishit through sound alone is not simple. This is suitable for players who want to achieve low-spin shots but do not prefer the visual style of the Ping G20 and who are okay with the average feedback.

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner 2016 Driver

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Should I Buy It

The Ping G20 Driver has a lot to offer to players who want to improve their performance. This club has an external weighting on the sole and a lightweight yet durable Ti 8-1-1 clubhead made of alloy. Both of these create a low CG and a high MOI. Likewise, it has an aerodynamic design to significantly reduce drag. You also have a large clubhead and a lengthy shaft.

All of these features work together to maximize your swing speed, create a strong ball impact, and enable a high-launch, low-spin, and long-distance drive – even with off-center hits. If you know how to curve your shots or you are at least willing to practice further, you won’t have a problem with the Ping G20. After all, producing consistently straight and long-distance drives is a breeze with this driver.

We hope that you learned a lot from our review of the Ping G20 Driver. If you have any queries, do give us a comment.

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