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How to Play Better Golf Right Now: Expert Advice

In a cruel ritual beginning each season, golfers resolve to play better golf. Most fall victim to information overload and short of their goals, which isn’t necessary.

The natural inclination of the average golfer when thinking of ways to improve their game is to tinker with their golf swing. Though there is usually work to be done there, the swing may not be the first place to look. Two small changes, which can be implemented instantly, can result in lower scores and become part of a process that will lead to lifetime enjoyment of the game.

Prepare the Mind: The First Small Step, Great Leap

Improve your golf mental game

Make no mistake, being able to get in and stay in “the zone” takes time and practice, but it can be done. Just like in the development of a fundamentally sound golf swing, a good mental approach to golf takes much repetition. That doesn’t mean golfers need to tough it out for years or months until they reach the Valhalla of golf psychology.

Leading golf mental performance expert, Dr. Morris Pickens, in his new book, Learn to Win: One Shot at a Time, offers great advice for golfers. The key to the first small step is found in the title of Pickens’ book, “one shot at a time.”

Most amateur golfers want to play better golf, but they get in their own way, not through swing limitations, but in their expectations and on-course thinking. According to Dr. Pickens, when the inevitable poor shot happens, allow a time for lamentation and complaining, but then let it go.

Even professionals hit poor shots, but most of them are able to forget about them and move forward. Amateurs shouldn’t be any different. The same goes for hitting a great shot. Once it happens, allow some time to admire it and then move to the next shot.

Having realistic expectations and not letting bad shots ruin a round is a key to playing better golf.

Learning and adhering to Dr. Pickens’ advice may be a small step, but it is effectively a great leap that will produce immediate results.

Prepare the Body: Give Your Game Five Minutes

Most people know the routine: out of the car, grab the clubs, head to the tee box, and let it rip. Few things can be more detrimintal to a round of golf, as well as the golfer’s body, than that sequence of events.

Time-starved people are scarcely able to squeeze in enough time for a round of golf, to say nothing of extra time alloted for stretching and warm-up. But, five extra minutes is all that’s required.

It doesn’t seem so, but golf is one of the most high-impact sports a person can play. There’s as much, or more, force generated in an average golf swing as in the collision between two football players.

Not to mention the torque the body is subjected to during the changeover from backswing to downswing to follow-through. A new golf program called 5 Minutes to Tee Time helps golfers maximize their precious time and prepare their bodies for golf.

The golf exercises in 5 Minutes to Tee Time, developed by fitness expert, Michael Bruno, don’t break new ground. They do, however, demonstrate that even five minutes of warm-up can do a world of good.

The program has done something very innovative which simplifies the process. Included with the purchase is a bag-tag that has an image of each stretch and exercise contained in the program. Other program materials explain the benefits of each exercise, but the bag-tag serves as a simple, much needed reminder of what needs to be done.

It doesn’t take the place of a physical fitness program and doesn’t seek to do so. But, a short few minutes of warm-up will help ensure the body is cared for during the round and help a golfer play better golf.

Sustained, continual improvement takes time and effort, but every golfer can play better golf today by following the advice of these professionals.


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I manage this site because I am passionate about golf. I know that learning the sport seems difficult, so I’m here to help anyone that might be interested.

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I manage this site because I am passionate about golf. I know that learning the sport seems difficult, so I’m here to help anyone that might be interested.

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